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I am looking for some advice on the best way to set up a multiroom audio setup. I have the following speakers in the house all terminating at the same location (media cabinet under TV).

Location of Speakers:

Family Room - 5.1 Surround

Patio - 2 Speakers with volume control

Master Bedroom (Upstairs) - 2 Speakers with volume control

Office (Upstairs) - 2 Speakers with volume control

Gameroom (Upstairs) - 2 Speakers

Equipment Available:

Denon AVR890

Harman Kardon AVR300

Onkyo tx-nr505

Monster 6 Speaker Switch

I would like to have the ability to watch a movie in the family room and play music in one or all of the other areas in the house and outside.

Here is my thought. Help me understand if this should work or if there is a better way to set this up. I have not played around with this yet and am trying to identify the ideal strategy first.

The best setup I can think of is to use my Denon AVR890 as the main receiver and use the HK AVR300 as a secondary receiver / amp. Here are the steps I think I should take.

1. Connect the Family Room 5.1 to the appropriate inputs in the Denon (Front R/L, Surround R/L, Center, Subwoofer Pre Out)

2. Connect my Patio Speakers to the Surround Back Amp Assign R/L of the Denon and set the AMP ASSIGN to "Zone 2". This will allow me to utilize the extra 2 channels of 105watts for the outdoor speakers.

3. Connect the Denon Zone 2 Pre Out to the HK300 6 Channel Direct FR / FL Input. As I understand it, this will bypass the HK Pre-Amp and allow me to effectively use the HK as an amplifier.

4. Connect the Monster Speaker Switch to the FR and FL connections of the HK AVR300

5. Connect the Master Bedroom, Office and Gameroom to the Speaker Switch

6. I understand that I will need to have both digital and analog connections from my audio sources to the Denon receiver in order to power my 5.1 setup along with my Zone 2 setup. I currently have a DirecTV Genie box and will be picking up a Smart Bluray and or a new HTPC.

For those of you that know Denon, do you know if this set up is appropriate? Specifically will the Zone 2 Preamp Out work if the AMPASSIGN is set to Zone 2. Furthermore, will the Zone 2 speakers connected to the Patio then play the same output as the speakers that are driven by the HK via the Denon PreAmp Out? Is there a more effective way to set this up using the equipment that I have or perhaps using equipment I don't yet have?

Your feedback / advice is appreciated.
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