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Multi zone 'multi source' audio system from single media server?

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I'm trying to put together an audio system for my commercial building that can stream to about 12 different zones with each playing different content simultaneously. All the content (a large MP3 library) needs to be managed within a single location (media server of some type?) with any source routed to any zone and be able to be queued to start/stop via an industrial protocol or I/O of some kind. The sound quality only needs to be general consumer level. I'm looking for hardware suggestions, software ideas, or consultants that may be able to guide this project.

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No solution yet but I'm in contact with Niles, HTD, Crestron, QSC, ReQuest, Kaleidoscape, and Autonomics. I'd much prefer an independent consultant that is aware of many solutions but I gotta start somewhere…
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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