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I'd always thought that out of all of these SPDIF was - to some extent - the most resilent interface to anything that would affect SQ

but I seem to get better sounding (read more hifi) sound from my HTPC to my amplifier (59TXi) via USB (multichannel PCM) than SPDIF - its pretty noticeable (all settings the same, same EQ, same bass management, DRC off etc)

as an aside anyone know how the USB is implemented within the 59TXi ?

and from an engineering point of view, how is the audio implemented differently than say HDMI which seems to ahve problems with jitter (USB is meant to too ?)

my above observations could be as the SPDIF output from my motherboard is "poor" but I've always though to some extent digital is digital ?

just wondered what peoples experiences were ?

cheers, Buckster
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