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Multiple channel volume settings per input source?

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Attached is my 7.1.2 home theater speaker layout. The highlighted area "A" is my desk while "B" is my couch. Sometimes, I like to listen to an input src, (ie: CD's) at my desk. I adjust the speaker channel volume settings accordingly, (fronts and center are set low while the rears are set higher, ...etc). Other times I will listen from my couch which requires setting the channel volume settings again. Do any receivers offer a way to save, load multiple settings so I don't have to adjust them each time?



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There are many AVRs that allow you to save/load a config file via a web interface (although it is usually a painfully slow process, ~10 minutes or so). Alternately, there are many AVRs that allow you to control channel levels via an app...slightly easier than how you are doing it now, but still a pain.

If it was me, I would just live with the less-than-ideal sound at one location and optimize the system for where I spent the majority of my listening time.
The Audyssey app for denon/marantz should let you upload different setups pretty fast but its probably easier to set things up for one and only change for special occations.

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Looking through the Marantz SR6013 manual (receiver I am interested in purchasing), changing the speaker(s) volume level might be something I can save as a macro with my Harmony Remote (Elite). Maybe it won't solve/automate the issue completely but it might help reduce a number of steps. I'll investigate this further
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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