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Multiple Denon Receivers?

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I have a Denon AVR3300, which has been fantastic. Love it. Plenty of power and flexibility, lots of features, great quality. And now it's years old. Pre-dates HDMI entirely. Mostly meets my needs still, but...

I want to move it downstairs to replace an older crappier system, and put a new higher-level Denon in the current stack. Trouble is, I have whole-house remotes pretty much everywhere. This has caused a minor problem with Panasonic tvs/monitors, but would be a bigger problem with receivers.

Do the Denons support alternate IR codes yet? Do they still use the same code-banks as eight years ago? Or should I switch to a different receiver brand?
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Originally Posted by TechnoCat /forum/post/0

Or should I switch to a different receiver brand?

In my living room I have 2 HD DVR's that feed the MBR and Media room and are controlled by a wired IR system.

I had 3 Denon receivers and the one in the living room was constantly changing volume when other rooms would change their volume. So I had to put in a H/K.
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