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Hi I was wondering If anyone had multiple tv's hooked to their HTPC and if so how the were using them. I am in the process of building my htpc and have one 55 inch tv along with 3, 28 inch monitor above that tv. i am a big football fan and bet heavy so I need to watch al my games. Anyway i was building the HTPC for my big 55 TV and ad a Ceton InfiniTV 4 card with 3 windows media extender so i can watch 4 diff games at once that come across cable. But then i got the thinking alot of college games are not shown on cable but I can stream them from the net. So I was thinking of adding multi monitor card to the HTPC so this way I can make 1 big screen with the 3, 28 monitors that are above the big screen tv and stream multiple football games from online while watching the big 55 inch that will have a cable box hooked up to it still for watching on-demand cable shows and such. I know this will work but I was starting to think maybe I should build a seprate little computer to attach to the 3 monitors and stream football games off of that but i do believe with what i am putting in the HTPC that it will be able to handle the load.

It is getting a I7 chip

16gigs of ram.

32gb ssd (HD) main

then 3, 1tb hard drives for storage.

600 watt power supply

and alot of cooling power.

I know to some of you what I have posted may sound dumb but If you were a big college and pro football fan and bet like i did you would understand. any suggestions or help would be appreciated. thanks.
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