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Multiple Win7 TV Tuners that work? (No "low bitrate" error)

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I currently have 2 Avermedia VolarMax USB TV Tuners. I get the low bitrate all the time. It doesn't affect playback of recorded shows and all I have to do is switch the channel real quick. It's just annoying. I bought 2 of the Hauppauge 950Qs and they don't work together AT ALL. They start out working but ANY glitch, hang, unexpected error and they completely fail to work together.

I need 2 USB tv tuners that will do analog and clearQAM that have as few problems as possible. The machine goes to sleep and wakes up all day long so they need to play well with lower power modes.

What USB tuners have you had the best luck with?
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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