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looking for options - sorry this is a long post....

i currently have a broken tv with a not so state of the art multi room setup. Im looking to change, But hdmi makes things so much harder to multiroom more costly to split and extend hdmi than it is with anything analouge)

I know what i want, Unsure how to logically achieve it

current setup

old yamaha rxv395 amp - best video it can output is composite - not even svideo

recently broken sony grand wega 50" tv (no hdmi, best it has is component)

main sources are telstra cable tv, dvd player, htpc

and then there is the ps2 and xbox

The multi room setup is via a composite switchbox (4 inputs, 1 output)

All the sources composite feeds are split into two so they go to the switchbox aswell as the amplifer

The output of the switchbox is connected to a wireless AV sender to the bedroom (composite of course)

The only important sources to send are htpc and cable tv - im only sending dvd player now because i have the spare input.

I did it like this so that the bedrooms feed is independent of the lounge feed. htpc can be watched in the bedroom while normal tv in the lounge

note, the htpc is not a full blown media centre, Its just a computer that has its audio and video hooked up. Not interested in using a tv tuner to make it a pvr and whatnot. Just want it as a machine.

If the tv cant be repaired, i will be in the market for a new one. one that has hdmi and can do full HD

that will mean i will need a new amp and stuff also.

So, as you may have realised, My goal is to get the lounge running full HD + digital sound. But i still want audio and video in the bedroom. I dont really care what gets sent there, ie i am okay with it being SD quality as i have the lounge room for the good quality. I have recently thought about extending the services to the bedroom to another room or maybe two, with the wireless av sender, i can buy another reciever and put them into other rooms to get more rooms going

this is where i get stuck though..

the bedroom tv does have hdmi, unsure if it does full HD though..

I could try to send hdmi to the bedroom using an hdmi to cat5 extender. to get it working independently, i would need some sort of an hdmi switching box also (unless there is such an amplifer that has multiple hdmi out that work independently)

this is probably the most expensive way, and i would be limiting it to go to the one bedroom only instead of expanding to other rooms if needed (unless i get like a 4x4 hdmi matrix) - all provided i can send audio easily also

Or i could make sure every souce outputs hdmi plus SD signal. then i can work with my current gear to get it to the other rooms

I understand this will be a problem for the computer - trying to output full HD + an SD signal at the same time

questions raised

Is it common for components to be able to output both digital and analouge at the same time?

sending audio via hdmi, is it easy?

such thing as an amplifer with multiple hdmi outputs

confirmation - no hdmi input can be outputed any other way but hdmi right? - ie component

way of the future - make everthing hdmi

cost effective - integrate SD

I have not even got to looking at what amp or tv i want.. maybe i should go window shopping for a bit
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