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Multiswitch questions...

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I'm trying to help a friend. He currently has 4 D* receivers running thru an RCA D6520 Multiswitch and wants to add a 5th recv (It's just a round dual LNB dish and he has no plans for HDTV right now). Would it be better to cascade another multiswitch to gain more outputs OR replace the D6520 with a larger multiswitch??? And which multiswitch brands/models should he be looking at???

If you suggest cascading, which switch should be first in-line from the dish and how do you connect one switch to the other correctly??? I assume when you cascade you need to use two outputs from the first switch as input for the second switch???
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You CAN cascade (remember, you'll need two of the outputs from the original 2X4 to do it) and it won't matter which goes first. HOWEVER, things tend to work better the less complex you make them. I'd recommend a 2 or 3X8 and put the 2X4 in a drawer as a backup or stick it in a garage sale.

Thanks...I'm leaning toward replacing with a 2/3x8 switch are there any particular brands or models I should look for OR avoid.
We recommend this one:

Eagle Aspen S-2180A-LX : http://www.solidsignal.com/prod_disp...oom=zoom#xview
Personally, I'd try to find a deal on a 5x8 m/s that way if your friend has any inclinations of going HD he can add two more RG6 runs from the 3-LNB dish hel'll wind up installing for HD.
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