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Multiswitch Questions

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This should be an easy one for you guys.

Do I need a multiswitch for the following setup?

HR10-250 (2 tuners)

DVR80 (2 tuners)

D10 (1 tuner)

Phase III triple LNB with built-in 4 way multiswitch

OTA indoor directly into HR10-250 (not into multiswitch)

I assume I do because I need to feed 5 tuners. Is this correct?

If so, which multiswitch do you recommend?

Powered or unpowered? Why?

Does the multiswitch reside inside or outside?

Powered and outside would seem to be a problem.

Thank you for your help in advance.
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A 4x8 or 5x8 if diplexing an antenna into the switch would be most appropriate. The only ones I know of are powered to provide proper voltage to the LNBs regardless of length of run and to amplify the signal enough to overcome the 8 way split. Eagle Aspen 4x8s and 5x8s as well as the Terk BMS-58 are inexpensive and work well. The Terk can be mounted outside. The EA S-4180-GX+ needs protection from the elements. I recommend an indoor mounting to keep the connections dry. The switch needs 5 or 6 RG6 lines in including 1 for 24VDC power which originates indoors. It can output 8 lines so putting the switch indoors would normally result in less building penetration. A wiring diagram for a typical 5x8 is at the bottom of http://www.solidsignal.com/prod_disp...?PROD=SP58DC22
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