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Music Choice Bitrates?

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I am wondering what bitrate do Music Choice stream at not including the static image

but only the audio. I find it 1411Kbps just by listening to it because it plays every

detail I find but is there a way to find out what is the average or what is the specific

bitrate Music Choice offers?
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I seriously doubt it's 1411kbps...

My setup shows input signal as DD 2.0 @ 192kbps when my STB is tuned to a Music Choice channel. I'm using the coaxial S/PDIF output from the STB to the processor.

EDIT: Many processors and AVRs will show you the incoming bitrate if you know where to look. The manual should point this out if it's a feature on your gear.
On our system they can squeeze 4 music choice channels in the same space as 1 SD Digital channel. This includes the heavily compressed static image. The entire bandwidth for one music choice channel is in the neighborhood of 600 kbps. I'm not sure how that is further divided between video updates and audio.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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