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I recently learned from Apple, after much teeth gnashing and hair pulling, that the Music Application integral to Catalina is not designed for large music libraries on an external HDD. To solve my problem linking the Music application to my actual music collection (some 1800+ albums in aiff format mostly), all Apple could suggest through 3 different senior service advisors, and at least as many lower level advisers, was to move my albums, one by one back to my iMac. So...

Now I'm looking for alternative music/other media management software alternatives. Handling my music library is my principal concern, as well as reasonably quality playback. In a first pass, J-River, Audirvana, and Roon came to the fore as possible choices. Roon's cost is certainly a disincentive, and Audirvana containing the MQA core is intriguing.

I would very much hearing what experience you've had with these or other options.

Many, Many thanks,

Wes Sokolosky
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