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Mux'ing MPEG's and Losing Audio

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I've been playing around with freeware to normalize ReplayTV Mpeg's for standard DVD player playback.

Here's what I did:

demux'd the mpeg.

ran Restream to normalize video.

multiplexed the audio and video using some other freeware piece (can't remember the name).

Got real excited when I saw the mpeg play on a standalone Apex, but there's no sound.

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I take it your going this route because your cheap (your words, not mine :D )?

That's a lot of steps to get a replay MPEG on a DVD. I don't have to tell you that Nero does this easily with one program (Nerovision Expess), do I?
are you sure the apex can handle the mp2 Audio? (You didn't say this was going to a receiver or something.

maybe you need to change the audio output

I think a lot of players can handle a native rtv stream (once authored)
If I take a raw rtv stream and put it into most standalone players I end up with audio, no video.

This did the opposite. And I don't have it demux'd on the CD. It is an mpeg2 file I'm picking from the menu.

I didn't remember Nero being able to properly render a replaytv mpeg but it's been a while since I looked into this. I do remember womble being able to, but that was 100 bucks. Which takes me to Andy's cheap shot. :)
I've tried several authoring products. NONE of them required transcoding a Replay file to burn a DVD.
Bob, why not just use rtvtools?
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