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MX-500 and HTPC

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Hello HTPC specialists,

I have purchased a MX-500 and have built an HTPC music jukebox. I am looking for a way to control the HTPC with the MX-500. Is there a way to control the HTPC with the MX-500 and if there is a way how would I do this?

Thanks guys,

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I think you'll need something like an IRMAN receiver and Girder. I have the same setup and have the pieces but need to be a bit more proactive and set everything up (waiting for my A-tech case and the upcoming winter).
I have a MX-500 and purchased an IR Receiver (e.g., IRMan, IRA) for use with Girder. Girder is powerful but also takes some fiddling to get everything all working (software, girder, MX programmed). I have only really got it setup to do simple music transport control although the goal is to eventually control everything via the remote for things like DVD jukebox, etc. Go to the Girder web page at http://www.girder.nl/links.php

You will see a listing of IR hardware vendors (I purchased USB IRA brand).

To make the setup easier on the MX side, I have also toyed with the idea of IRClone (Irclone.com) for the MX-500 so that I can use a computer interface to program the MX-500 (like the more expensive MX models) rather than having to do it via the remote.
I use an MX-500 with my HTPC now but I am going to be swithing to a Pronto.

I use a USB-UIRT from Jon Rhees to get IR signals into and out of my computer and it works quite well. The device itself is plug & play and its simple to load the plug-in in Girder.

As far as the MX-500 goes for HTPC control it works pretty well. I am switching to a Pronto so I can have more flexibility over device setup and macro functions. The 500 should be abel to handle your music jukebox controls fine.
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