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After fiddling around with a couple of different remotes, I finally took all of your advice and mail ordered a Home Theatre Master MX-500. I was a little skeptical at first but now that I've just finished setting it up, I am a true convert. This is quite an amazing bit of technology. It is certainly head and shoulders above any other remote I tried including the Radio Shack Kameleon remote. I'm so glad I didn't waste additional time with the Pronto or Sony touch screen remotes. Here is why:

Background: I'm controlling a Panasonic Rear Project LCD TV, Yamaha HTR-5650 receiver, Sony DVD player and a Scientific Atlanta HDTV Digital Cable box.

1) The remote is simple. The buttons are well placed and the front of the remote is not cluttered with button that are specific to a certain type function. All of the unique buttons get programmed into the LCD screen. The two pages of customizable LCD buttoms that are available for each device are more than enough for just about any remote.

2) Learning Capacity: This remote can learn and store up to 530 functions from other remotes. This allows you to completely dispense with having to use all those useless manufacturer pre-programmed codes that don't quite work. Instead, you clear out all the pre-programmed codes using a special command (Aux 155) and then just learn all the keys from your existing remotes. You can still use the manufacturer's codes if you have lost your old remote.

3) Customizable LCD buttoms: This is where the MX-500 really shines. I scrapped many of the LCD lables that came with the remote and set it up the way I wanted it. I am only controlling 4 devices so I removed the labels on the main screen except the ones for the Audio, TV, Cable and DVD. I then edited the labels to match the text that appeared on the original remotes. What you end up with is a totally customized remote which exactly duplicates the functionality of your OEM remotes. On the screens that I didn't use, I simply entered the text "PUSH MAIN TO GO BACK" and now the remote is completely useable by the wife and kids.

Here is the process I used to setup the remote. The whole thing took a few hours. It probably would have gone faster if I ordered an IR programmer from Bluedo.

- Cleared out all existing manufacturer's codes using the AUX 155 commands.

- Deleted/replaced unwanted device lables using the EDIT setup menu.

- Entered the labels I wanted for each device using the EDIT setup menu.

- Used the LEARN setup menu to program each device using my existing OEM remotes.

- Watched a movie!!!

Thanks again for all your notes. The remote is great.

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