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MX-700 and Samsung FP-T5884 Codes

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I am not finding the IR codes for my Samsung Remote. It's a BN59-00599A. I updated the IR data base for the remote and I have lots of BN59 remote codes in the data base but none that end with the 00599A. Any ideas or other remotes that use the same codes.

The TV is a 58 inch plasma.


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Have you tried any of the codesets for the BN59, or just look for you number? I ask because on a recent 5084 I did the discrete codes were in the database under discrete functions I beleive.
I did find B959 but there are many and I tried several with little success, a few functions would work but most would not. I've never found te MX700 to be easy to program. It should be since they use a PC and software but it never makes much sense to me. Why can I bring up a palate of codes and functions and just assign to any button on the remote. The only way I've found to do this is to actually learn the codes from the original remote.

This should be easy.

The code in the URC library is actually a 3 digit code and I guess I'll just have to spend some time and try to figure it out.


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I tried several 3 digit codes from the URC codes and it was 434. This gave me the codes for everything including a lot that is not on the Samsung remote like individual source selection and screen format. I now can do a macro and when you press DVD it will now turn on the TV, change to DVD source, turn on the pre/pro and set it to DVD, turn on the dvd player and open the tray. Press play and that's it.

I now would like to find a way to control more on my HTPC with IR codes. I'd like to open PDVD with an IR code, open the LG drive and be able to press play. I am running Media Center XP but I don't see a way to assign any programs individually to the remote.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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