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MX3000 & Pioneer

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I'm seriously considering the Universal MX3000, but have a few questions.

Does the MX3000 have all the code built-in for the Pioneer Elite 59TXi receiver? Can it controll all or most of the functions for that model? If the code is not included, do I have to use a learning function, or will code for an older model work?

I also have Lutron Maestro light dimmer. Is code built-in available for Maestro or just the Spacer?


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The database includes the 49TX, which will probably give you most of the commands. You may have to learn a few though. If the Maestro uses IR, then it probably uses the same commands as the Spacer system. If it's RF, you won't be able to control it with the 3000 or any other universal remote.

You might want to download the MX-3000 editing software (which includes the IR database) and check it out.
Thanks, MikeSRC.

What about lag time when changing the touchscreens that are displayed?

That's one thing that bugs me when using Pioneer's touchscreen remote. When a "button" is pressed to change pages, there's a noticeable lag time for the remote to make the change. Also, you have to scroll thru each page one at a time, not go from say page 1 to 4 in one jump.

Will the 3000 be better than this?

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Page changes on the MX-3000 are pretty quick IMO. Less than a second. Also you can always design your layout with graphic tabs to take you to each page directly, rather than scrolling through them with the Page buttons.
Sorry to jump in the post. I have this remote with not a slightest clue how to program it . Can I have a PRO do it for me, I will supply all the equipment list I have? Anyone out there who can provide this service? Cost?


It's best to have someone local to you do the programming. I only do the Orange County, CA area. Check out the authorized dealers in your area here and give them a call. The only issue you might have is that many dealers will not program the remote for you if you didn't buy it from them.
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