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MX600 or 800?

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I'm sure the PC-programmable feature is cool, but I really don't need anything fancy. I've got a Yamaha HTR5960 receiver and DVC6660 DVD player ... I'm more interested in the RF capabilities than anything else.

Is there any other reason I should consider the 800?

$140 vs $220 ...
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The 800 has better RF performance than the MX-600 and can do so much more with macros. It's ease of programming, IR database and ability to use codes from other sources (for obtaining discrete On/Off and input commands for example) make it worth the extra price of admission.
I have both. The 600 should be fine for a couple of components, but any time you want to change a button assignment you have to teach the 600 the new commands from your old remotes. On the 800 you just drag and drop the buttons on your computer screen and viola! the remote is reconfigured. Way to easy.

As for RF, I have a large house and have never had any problems with range on the 600 anywhere in or outside the house.
I guess I'm ok with teaching the remote the old fashioned way. I'm pretty good about keeping owner's manuals and codes. I also doubt I'll be changing my setup often enough to make a difference.

Range is not a big factor, the components are less than 20 feet from where the remote will be, it's just behind me and through a door, thus the need for RF.

I just can't see where the extra $80 would be realized for my setup.
Since you don't seem to care to much about programming and features, and would like to go on-the-cheap, have you considered the even lower priced URC-200? Very similar in style and operation. With the lower end MRF-100 RF reciever base the whole setup could be under $150.

I assume the $140 and $220 prices on the other two models do not include an RF base reciever, right?
I got mine with the base for $145 shipped today.
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