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I just got into Projectors 2 weeks ago. Im using an Optoma GT1080 mounted to the ceiling pushing a 160" screen, and flat HDMI and Extension cable to the projector and used the clear 3M hooks to hold them there. I mounted a 2 shelf entertainment bracket to the cove of the window wall. Its able to hold my Xbox one and Sony 5.1 bluray player up with ease. Its not finished yet as i still need to find a nice way to hide the excess wires. I also need to mount and wire in my front towers ( not pictured) im currently running wires through the attic for the speaker wire and once I border off the screen with black felt ill be able to mount the speakers where i want them. Some color adjusting is still in order to make my picture look better as well. BTW the pictures were taken with a crappy 8mp camera phone.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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