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I've had this [ 46B6000 ] Saturday [ feb 6, 2010 ] and the PQ is awesome.. BUT [ sigh ] the blacks are sometimes very deep and, at other times, I see greyish spots on the screen .. looks like clouds .. I experience this while watching HD and BR ..

Also, off angle viewing from the LEFT isn't good, but from the RIGHT is pretty good.. Dead Center [constitutes 99% of viewing] PQ is amazing!!

My wife loves the TV and thinks I'm crazy and just looking for faults.. I don't blame her.. I've already been thru 3 TVs [ Sony KDL-46S504, Samsung LN46B630, Toshiba Regza xx465U iirc ] and this is the 4th..

I can't help but think I should've gotten the 650 or 750 and be done with it.. But, I got such a slick deal with Tiger Direct last week on this + free BR [Sammy 1600] that I just couldn't say no..

Anyways, Is this a known issue with the UN46B6000 ?? Should I request an exchange, call Samsung and have them replace the Panel, or simply return it ?

My Panel version is BN01..

Pls post..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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