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Hello everyone.

I thought create a new post asking you guys to help me out.

I have the following problem:

My initial 5.1 set consisted of wharfedales 9.1 front l/r, 9.CD centre and 9.0 as surround back. Bought a new demon avr 2113 receiver 6 months ago and was pretty happy with it.

However, I recently purchased MAs bronze bx2 pair of speaker and now use them as front ones. Although they are really decent speakers, I do not think they work well together with the rest of my setup when watching films, especially when I listen to the music DTS decoded.

MAs are great for stereo stuff, but once I turn surround and centre speakers on, it just sounds out of place.

I did the audissey setup, tried adjusting everything manually, but the was no significant improvements.

What do you guys think I should do? I was looking for monitor audio bronze surround backs and centre but they are a bit expensive for me. What speakers would you reccomed to accompany my new MA s?

My setup:

Denon avr2113

Monitor audio bx2 front l/r

Wharfedale diamond 9.Cc centre and 9.0 surround l/r

Mordaunt Short 907w sub.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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