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Just wanted to share my journey to receive OTA DTV.

I started with an 80" RCA in the attic. Not enough

signal so I added a distribution amp. better, but no

cbs, or abc. I Then bough a GE max tubular antenna that

I planned to mount on the roof, I was trying to avoid

having a giant aerial on the roof, but it didn't work

as good as the attic antenna. Finally settled on a

wineguard conventional 60" antenna on one of the peaks

of the roof, on a tripod. I can finally pull in all

the signals here in Dallas. The problem is that I hired

an antenna guy to wander around on the roof all day, It

is pretty high and steep, and it cost me about $600.00

Ugh. I better see some damn good off-air hdtv soon, or

I'll have to, well, what CAN I do?? I'll just lay here

and take it. What a pain.



"Thats gonna leave a mark!"
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