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Just thought I'd share what an unexpected progression my home theater has taken thanks to AVS over the last month.

It all started last month, with an innocent forum post about the benefits of upgrading my speaker cable from 16 to 12 gauge. AVS member Robert Cook had some great advice, and somehow through our conversations I decided my side surrounds might be a bit of a problem with respect to my overall enjoyment of the system. After re wiring my home theater with 12 gauge cable just for peace of mind, I decided with Roberts help it would be in my best interest to replace the sides with better speakers.

Somehow I got from replacing my side surrounds, to upgrading my front soundstage with PSB T5's, and a C5 center speaker. Having done that, I convinced myself that I would be doing myself a disservice if I didn't invest in the side surrounds that I didn't like in the first place, so bought a pair of B5 bookshelves. From there, with the help of another dedicated group of bass heads, I decided I needed to get a better sub to really compliment my new speakers. I bought a new Klipsch, and learned about the use of SPL meters and the difference between " gain matching " and " level matching ". Having the two subs up and running, surrounded by 5 new PSB's, and with more excellent advice on the advantages of either upgrading my 1913 Denon or finishing of my 7.1 set with more speakers, I today went out and bought another pair of B5 Bookshelves.

I can't even imagine how much the advice of so many enthusiasts and actual audio professionals would have cost me if they had been charging me! HOURS of cost / benefit analysis and in depth direction from so many!

I just wanted to write something to thank all the AVS forum members for everything. From " Is it worth upgrading to 12 gauge " to an entire new home theater, it's been quite the ride!

And all it cost me was 2000 dollars. Lol.

Cheers AVS!
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