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I just couldn't leave well enough alone!

I was setting up my convergence the other day. I had recently gone with the Blue Ray, Xbox360, 3x1 smart switch and HDFury2 combo...so needed a complete re-do.

When i looked into the Green tube to center the raster, I noticed a few bits of dust/small carpet hairs on the face of the CRT. My Barco 808s is hung from the ceiling.

So I decided to get the vacume cleaner out to catch as much falling dust as possible and my airhose to try to dislodge these small hairs...well you can immagine what the tubes look like now! Even more than before!!!


Do I have to remove the lenses to clean the CRT face? If I do, I would have to re-do of the toe-in/focusing and complete geometry setup.

Also, since going 1080p I notice the 4/3 wear on the left side of the screen...never noticed it before.

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