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It's not much; my theater doesn't have it's own room or anything special. Just regular sofa seating and pretty lights. I work at Circuit City (I'm 18) and convinced my parents to spend a couple grand of a theater since we never go to the movies. Ever since I started doing my research on parts, I have been hooked into the home theater universe. I am planning to put a small system together for my apartment (I'll discuss that later). Here's what I have:


Samsung LNT5271f, but I am about halfway through the exchange process to get a 750


5.1 Kef 3001 Surround Sound Speakers; I upgraded the subwoofer to the Velodyne DPS10 (couldn't pass a brand new sub at $100)


Samsung BDP1500 (I desperately need an upgrade to BR 2.0 and a faster processor, but I don't have the money right now).


Onkyo TXSR705

Power Protection

Monster Powercenter 1600


Motorola Moxi box with HDTV tier through Charter Communications (Soon to be AT&T Uverse


My CC discount allowed me to get 4 Monster 1000HD cables for an insane cheap price.


Logitech Harmony 880

That's pretty much it; my blu-ray collection is lacking, but I have the majority of the audio and video demos (Transformers, Master and Commander, Dave Matthews Band, Cloverfield).

I am hoping to get a Panasonic plasma and a small klipsch system with a Denon for my apartment, but I'm not sure what to do for a small system for only $1500-$2000. The CC discount definitely helps that one

Thanks for reading!
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