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So this is my calibration settings for my tv, using the free AVS HD 709 patch from the forums. I played the patch on my PS3 and my TV is in a living room environment. I calibrated it on Movie mode, and just ended up using the same setting for the other modes, and looks a lot better in all modes which helps when the light settings change.

Cell Light : 15

Contrast : 85

Brightness : 60

Sharpness : 30

Color : 50

Tint : G50/R50

Then under Advanced Settings

Black Tone : Off

Dynamic Contrast : Off

Gamma : 0

Expert Pattern : Off

RGB : Off

Color Space : Auto

White Balance : I did no changes just left it at 25,

10p White Balance : Off

Flesh Tone : 0

Edge Enhancement : 0

xvYCC : Off

Then Under Picture settings

Color Tone : Warm1 (w/ the exception on Dynamic I can only go as warm as Normal)

Size : 16:9

DNF : Off

MPEG : Off

Also if you have a PS3 I would follow this IGN video on the there youtube channel labeled: Optimizing Your PS3 for Blu-ray

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You realize that sharing calibration numbers is not calibration at all? What works on your set up may look awful on someone else's set up.

Should set your Size from 16:9 to screen fit/just fit ...

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