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Hi AVS forum members.

I've been reading you guys for months, and got an incredibly large amount of useful information from this forum.

Now it is my turn, I'm starting to build mine!

I have a room of about 12 feet by 20 feet in my basement. I attached the floor plan.

Here is a list of my current view as far as equipment selection is concerned (didn't but anything yet). These have been selected based on readings I did on the Web, specially on this forum, and also based on the $$$ versus my budget.

- Projector: Epson PowerLite 8700UB

- Screen: 120". ezFrame R120H fixed or Grandview PERM Prestige

- Seating: Berkline 45004 (Palladium) with butt kicker

- AVR: Onkyo TX-NR808

- Main Speakers: Polk RTI9 (x2)

- Central Speaker: Polk CsiA6

- Surround Speakers: Polk Fxi A6 (x4)

- SUbwoofer: Athena AS-P4100 (I already own).

But first, I need to build the room...


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This week, I'm trying to decide about how to sound proof the room if it is possible. Here is the data:

- Room is in the basement, all walls finished with drywall.

- Three walls are against the house foundation concrete walls (wood framed, recovered of 1/2 inch drywall).

- One wall is adjacent to other rooms's walls.

- No outside window.

- Double sliding doors, french doors (with windows in it).

- Ceiling to be completed.

I was looking to sound proof the ceiling (my office is the room above) and the wall that is adacent to other rooms in the basement, by using proper wall insulation material, sound isolation clips and doubling the drywall.

I have a few questions, and would not mind to get some advise.

1) I have two HVAC inputs, and one output. I've seen a few products to silence the ducts, but not sure how efficient these products are. Any advise?

2) I would prefer to not touch the three already finished walls that are facing the foundation concrete walls. I was thinking that since these walls are facing concrete, there is no real need to sound isolate these.

3) Since my doors are not really sound proof, is it worth investing time and money in sound proofing the adjacent wall and ceiling?
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