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here we go again folks:

i opened up the pj and did some modifications

well, maybe not as crazy as the x1 but good enough.

- blacked out light path

- sealed optical engine


source: jvc xv-s500 dvd player

connection: 480p component

screen: 70 x 32.5 (2.15:1) quasi constant height screen. Da lite Matte White

Panamorph P752 Anamorphic Lens

contrast: 7

bright: 1

color: 1

tint: -1

sharp: 0

red: 0

blue: 0

color temp: 6500k

r contrast: 0

g contrast: 0

b contrast: 0

r bright: 0

g bright: 0

b bright: 0

calibrated with Digital Video Essentials

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Originally posted by jcebedo1
i've just added an iris. a good improvement in contrast and the halo effect is now gone!
I am in the market for a SharpVision DT-200 (which are now discontinued). My question is, what screen would you recommend I get:

1) High Power screen to get a bright/punchy image since the DT-200 has such a low 600 ansi lumens rating.


2)High Contrast screen to maximize the color saturation without having to open the DT-200 up and mod it?

I would be scared like hell to open up my freshly bought $1500 DT-200 and start modding it :)


p.s. I can't afford a Stewart, so I am thinking Da-Lite for my screen choice. Any other afffordable brand you would recommend?

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I still don't get how you would get higher contrast by modding? Do you make it darker? or it's really higher contrast ratio? If it could be better, why didn't the manufacturers optimize it?
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