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I picked up my Cs-1 on Friday and quickly went home to play with it.

However, as soon as I got to the car I opened the package. Everything was nicely wrapped and secure. They placed a simple black and gold folder with the instructions and a brochure. Although it was simple, the black and gold folder looked really elegant. I felt like I was moving on up to the big league.

When I got home I immediatly went to my HT room (after greeting the wife and kids). I set the unit to 720p, hooked it up to my NEC 6PG projector. My projector rejected that signal. I had to create a new signal entry. 720p still did not work (the image was green and shifted 1/3 to the right). So I tried a few other RGB output and they seemed to work.

I hooked up the CS-1 to my upstairs computer, but the CenterStage application refused to recognize the the CS-1. I called tech support and heard that CS-1 only outputs YGB on the HD signals. At first I paniced but then it dawned on me that I can create a custom resolution. Next problem was get the CS application to communicate with the CS-1. I went to Compusa to get a new serial cable (got the wrong kind but was able to modiy it) as suggested by the tech from FE.

Came home later that night and got everything hooked up to my computer and the CS application worked. I was able to create a new custom resolution. I user Powerstips settings for 720p and it worked.

I also compared CS-1 720P against Powewrstips and the horizantal and vertical values and they were very different. My CRT pefered Powerstips. The CS-1 seems to use less Active Pixel and too much porch. This cause me to overdrive my projector horizantal amplitute (100%) to get the CS-1 to almost fit my screen (it didn't ). With Powerstip my Applitude was back at 57% and the image fully fits my screen.

I then tested the CS-1 Saturday and Sunday.

on my NEC 6PG

On Saturday

At first I was not that impressed with the CS-1 and the image it gave; it appeared darker than my CrystalImage 2.0 (latest version). After couple hours I was starting to lean to the CI scaler. I was a little bummed. I then calibrated the CS-1 unit using Avia on the component input. The settings had me increasing the contrast on my projector and increasing the

saturation of the CS-1 to +49. The image still appeared washed out.

First problems.

a) When using custom resolution for RGB signals the CS-1 defaults to YGB when changing inputs. This is becoming annoying during testing.

b) the CS-1 appears to drop the output signal if it does not detect an input signal. My Mits 775U s-video VCR that I use to watch tv has a longer delay when changing channels. This cause the CS-1 to not send any signals out and my projector starts to re-sync. I would love to have this fixed. The CI scaler does not do this.

That night I tried XBox at 480p. I used the progressive input. I put in DOA3 and was floored. The image was bright and vibrant and smooth. I really got carried away.

- I learned that when using the progressive scan input, it will toggle between RBG amd YGB when you press the progressive scan input button.

Watched a couple of demos. Due to lack of colors on the component video input, I switched to s-video and got a much better image.

Still not fully impressed, but loved the fact that I had all these extra inputs to play with.


I was out most of the day. I noticed that my PJ was out of wack a liitle and made some changes with the astig. Oh my gosh!! I almost had an heart attack ( okay a little corny). As stated in my other post. The difference was night and day. It is best I have ever seen Shrek period. Better than my HTPC or CI scaler. I do not know if it is due to the CS-1 or the changes I made to the project. To be fair I will have to re-test everything. I watched Gladiator, Shrek, Fifth Element, Hidden Dragon and on each one of them it was the best overall picture I have ever seen.

Note that I am not saying that it can beat my HTPC ( I have to do a retest), however it comes real close in overall PQ. There were some artifacts and noise on straight edges in Gladiator through-out the movie.


a) Much more 3D than before the video was smooth and crisp no hiccups.


a) Rich and crisp. Again appart from when looking at things stright edges ( like the base of the stone post in the colosium).

I will test my HTPC with the new projector changes and see If I am floored again.

Other problems.

A) Shrek

- On the credits there appear to be noise around the words. Changing between video and Film based does not affect it.

B) I dont think that Video or Film based works. The images during Film and Video doesn't look different when toggling between them.

Watching Cable.

All I can say is its cable.

The CS-1 starts to falter here (again I toggled between video and film mode with no changes) The were video atrifacts in backround images during the Nets game (on logos ect). While its watchable you will notice video noise if you look for them.

On My Davis DL450

- Too much noise appeared in the picture at [email protected] . There was wavy vertical lines. I tried the sync adjustment on the projector and that did not help.

- I then tried [email protected] The picture improved and looked good, but now where close to an HTPC. The CRT lets me get away with more calibrated settings.

Features I like,

There are so many inputs and I am loving that more and more.

My VCR can soon go to its own input and my DVD will go to its own input ect. Since the picture settings are for each input, this becomes important when calibrating each source (My VCR seem brighter than my DVD that has been calibrated using Avia).

Custom Resolution.

Do not under estimate the power of this; especially if you have a CRT projector. No longer are we locked into an HTPC & Powerstip for custom resolution. Apart from the one glaring bug, it works great.

Apart from my bad serial cable, it was smooth and easy to create custom resolutions.

Video Quality

Better de-interlacing than my CI during the troubling scenes (i.e when Shrek and Donkey are walking through the sun flowers. The first few seconds give my CI some video noise problems)

The CS-1 will beat a poorly implemented HTPC IMHO. So far I am in heaven with the setup, apart from the issues I brought up.

(PS, while my projector system can be calibrated more, everyone who has come to my house have been overwhelmed with the video quality).

My equipment.

NEC PG6000

Davis DL450

Da-Lite Cinevision 1.3 106" HDTV screen

Sony DVP850 200 DVD player


Mits 775U VCR

Better Cables all around for cabling.

HTPC with Radeon card, PowerDVD XP, ZoomPlayer, ATI 7.6 DVD player, Delta Dio.


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FWIW, the following comments are based on reading the SIL504 whitepaper/spec thingie poster earlier.

The "video" and "film" modes are kind of a misnomer. All "film mode" does is force "film bias" on in the SIL504. This mode assumes a clean source and is not as agressive in detecting pulldown cadence changes. Just leave the unit on "video" mode. It will still do the inverse telecine thing and will handle video from your VCR much more gracefully, particularly when you are watching broadcast TV where the pulldown cadence changes all the time.

Thanks for the review. It think I'll wait a bit while they flush out the bugs before I dive in. Still, sounds like an awesome unit once they get the kinks worked out and sounds like a "low end" processor that could grow with a user as they upgrade displays. That's a nice thing.

Sure whish their component input would auto handle various refersh rates so I could just stick this thing between my Pio VSX-49TX and the TV and forget about it. By auto handle I mean : de-interlace and scale 480i, scale 480p and pass through everythying else automatically on one input.

Maybe a later version.

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Originally posted by clopez

Watching Cable.

All I can say is its cable.

The CS-1 starts to falter here (again I toggled between video and film mode with no changes) The were video atrifacts in backround images during the Nets game (on logos ect). While its watchable you will notice video noise if you look for them.

Ok, cable may not be as pretty as a DVD but you got to admit it's still a major improvement over the regular cable broadcast image. And How about them Lakers!

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Besides the firmware bugs which I am sure FE will correct in the near future my biggest concerns are the component saturation problem and the apparent problems with deinterlacing.

My QS pro never had such bad deinterlacing problems. To me this is one of the biggest things that detract from getting a real film like image.

I would be willing to live with all the ergonomic bugs if the image quality and deinterlacing were excellent. I only hope these problems can be solved.

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