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I have most of the equipment that I want but am still looking for racks and stands for my stuff. I am running into problems with most av furniture because it won't hold the weight or shelves that are not tall enough Any suggestions on a good line of AV stands? My setup is as follows.

Mitsubishi 73" diamond series DLP

Halo C1 processor

Halo JC1 power amp 1ea L/R/C channel

Halo A21 power amp for the rear channels

Halo D3 universal disc player

Halo T3 tuner

Montana SPX speakers L/R front and rear

Montana SPC speaker for the center channel

JL Audio F113 sub

PS Audio power plant premier power conditioner

Direct TV HR20 HD DVR

Toshiba A30 HD DVD player

Panasonic BD55 Bluray player

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Excellent gear!!

As far as equipment stands/racks, you might be better off talking to a cabinet maker and/or professional welder. Given the weight and size of your equipment, custom racks might be the way to go. You definitely don't want those Halos on glass shelves...

Post some pics for us when it's all hooked up!!!
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