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This is not to start a flame war and no, I have not tested all possible cards on the market. But some. ATI 4670 will be next, but currently the 9600 GT win significantly over the 8600GT (and that one was much better than the 7600 GT).

The biggest achievement: When you take 100% Edge Enhancement, it simply adds details and adds no visible ringing or artifacts. Wit hthe 8600Gt you could still see the unsharpening mask. Here now you have a much more film-like, more 3D-experience.

My setting: Vista 32, TMT, 180.84, Gigabyte EP45-DS4 (wonderful board, my sound has improved a lot against the build in soundcard of the Asus P5B), E8600, a Sony Ruby and a 4.2m wide and 2.2m high screen...a screen which wants sharp pictures or it will show you that many blu-rays are still not state of the art.

By the way: 48 Hz works nicely as well. If anyone can confirm that the 260GTX works as well with 48Hz, I will move on to the next Nvidia generation, they seem to work out stuff better and better, but you have to figure it out yourself...there have no big marketing about the improved PQ of the 96ßßGt I believe...
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