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My DLP - Black and White(UPC) bars - a must see

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I have a Samsung HL-R6168W and for the last month or so it would randomly turn itself off and the lights on the power button would start blinking. Last night it did that again and so I let it set for a little bit and when I turned it back on I was shown the following.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on with it?

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It doesn't like your decor so it's wallpapering.

See if you can find a service manual and trouble codes. You may try resetting also but looks like a hardware failure. Probably the chip which I believe is part of the light engine. Dunno.
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It could be that it hates the Jets.

I will see if I can get into the service codes - That is if I will be able to read that side of the screen.

Anyone ever see this before?
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Lines on the screen normally point to a defective DMD board. So that's my guess. It's the main board in the tv, not usually cost effective to fix.
If you are careful and comfortable taking the back off, you could try re-seating the DVI cable going to the DMD board first.

Good luck,

UPDATE: I took the back panel off that holds that switch in place and unplugged the TV for an hour or so. Once I put panel back on and plugged it back in - the pattern went away and I was able to see the entire screen.

Now the issue is the image flickers and the coloring seems to fade in and out quite a bit. I have done some searching for the flickering without a definite answer. What does that sound like to you? Anyone?
That switch is just for the lamp door, it doesn't reset anything, just prevents the set from turning on with it open.

You could have many things wrong, troubleshooting is a process.

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