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My drop ceiling is too loud

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i currently have a hsu vtf-15h sub. it sounds fantastic, but when i really want to crank it up my drop ceiling is vibrating. i dont think the tiles are vibrating, i think its the frame. but last night i put 2ft 2x4's on each of the tiles to weigh down the frame. but i am still getting vibrations. since the tiles are the cheap 1/2 inch fiberglass could they be the ones vibrating? or can i use some rubber cement on the ends where the frame meets the parimeter? also dont they make clips for the tiles?
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I'd pull out all the tiles and secure every joint in the gridwork with some butyl rubber caulking or tape. Also dab both ends of the suspension wires. If the grid is rattle free the tiles shouldn't make noise.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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