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My DWIN TV3 Died...Now What?

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After much research, a lot of it on this site, I bought a TV3 4 or 5 years ago. Now, for the second time since I've had it, I have nothing but a bright screen of death. If I return it for repair, I'm looking at a minimun diagnostic charge of $345, plus shipping, plus the cost of repair. Since my purchase, I have visited (lurked) here a few times, but have not really kept up with the latest offerings. Is my DWIN worth repairing, or is the improved technology to the point where I'm better off biting the bullet and buying a new projector? If so, what should I be considering? I don't mind spending time doing research, but it would be great to have some help getting started. My room is a dedicated theater, no windows, two rows of seating, first row about 12-13 feet from the screen, a Stewart 100" Studiotec 130 screen. I've been pretty happy with the DWIN, but the noise level has always been a little distracting, especially with concert DVD's. If the TV3 hadn't died, I would have probably been considering replacing it with new technology is a couple of years anyway. Any opinions on how I should proceed? Does my DWIN have any market value?

Thanks for your knowlege and input!
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4 or 5 year old dlp... sorry not much value to it now...

Take a look at the infocus in76 for like $2000 you have a pretty up to date projector. Just a suggestion.
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