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I certainly am no expert on the Shield or even Plex but I've been using my Oppo for over a decade for streaming and thought I'd share my experience in case others are consider trying something new. I tried Kodi for a bit but ended up finding it easier to get Plex to play nice with my need for control. I've only been using Plex for 2 weeks and the shield for four days but here are my findings.

I'm not trying to convert anyone, I think both are great streaming devices and will probably keep both for myself. I think this might answer a few questions people who hadn't tried plex for streaming might have.

The odd thing for me is that my Oppo has very limited options for displaying your selection so you accept it. With plex since it is a database, you tend to ask - can I do this or that with it and keep wanting more.

My OPINIONs on home network streaming with the Oppo and Shield are not inclusive of every detail and will not match every users experience – just my immediate observations. I’ve been using the Oppo for many, many years as my streaming device so this might seem somewhat biased. I got tremendous help from AVSforums and Plex forums among other sources.

Oppo 203

Pros – fantastic streaming capabilities – not much tweaking involved. Can play optical discs as well. The hardware looks like a true piece of high-end HT equipment and displays the movie current play time. Rock solid performance. Still an industry standard for reference playback.

Cons – Has a very primitive streaming interface – no posters, previews, cast info, summary. With Windows 10 no longer supporting a master browser as the primary SMB source, you will either have to use another system as a master browser for SMB or load WinNFSd. Oppo has gotten out of the disc player business so support will be limited although they are still doing it! Has no search or sorting options e.g. all 4K movies, or all Collections -e.g. MCU. Will not automatically placed forced subs when streaming.

nVidia Shield TV

Pros – can do more than just stream local network movies, streams from many sources including HBO now, Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Crackle and has some gaming functions. nVidia still actively supports it. Plex continues development for it. You can search for a title or click on a cast member and see what else they’ve been in, in your collection. Has movie posters making a visual search potentially easier and more interesting, it has movie write ups, cast members info and plenty of information about the file. Can correctly play forced subs if the sub is flagged as forced and enabled.

Cons – requires plenty of tweaking for Plex or Kodi streaming. Does not work with Harmony remotes without a hub or a Flirc USB receiver, doesn’t show movie time on console device like Oppo does, usb ports are in the back which are needed if you use a Flirc so you’ll want to face it backwards or use the usb extension cable. Doesn’t have that HT equipment look, quality visual. Doesn’t like to match movie metadata if you file with the article after the name – e.g. Spy Who Loved Me, The.

Meh – It can auto assign movies to genre e.g. Horror or sci-fi but it considers 1100 of my 1700 movies as Action Adventure. It will show them in other categories too but I certainly don’t think Action Adventure when I think of a Bugs Life and so many others so it makes scrolling tedious if you use the auto assigned genres and have a large collection.


My experience with local network streaming playback

Oppo 203

I have a Windows 10 workstation with tons of TV shows and my entire movie disc collection in mkv format available for streaming as well as my music in flac format. This workstation is connected to my Oppo via gigabit ethernet which outputs HDMI to my Marantz preamp which is connected to my Sony TV (old 4K model but still good). I control everything with a Harmony 950.

On the Oppo, I had to set up WinNFSD after SMB stopped working on my Win10 PC after the Creators Update in April 2017

I converted all my shiny discs to MKV files using MakeMKV. I just convert the movie – I really don’t need to see the interview with the Key Grip or Gaffer after a movie or see trailers for other films but I know people who do like those things.

I used filebot to organize and rename my files – I like knowing the specs of a movie by the file name so it converts – “Casino Royale.mkv” to “Casino Royale - 2006 (2160p, DTS-MA.Core 5.1, PG-13, 144 minutes)”. It also sorts my TV shows to folders under the main title by season and episode.

e.g. Folder “Eureka (2006)” Folder “Season 1 (2006)” File “Eureka - S01E01 - Pilot 1080p.mkv”

So I have my movies in category folder names -e.g. Movies, Action Adventure, and then the movies.

I have my TV shows in TV, show name, season.

Playback just works – doesn’t matter if the movie has 4K, Dolby Atmos or DTS-X etc – no additional licensing or tweaking is needed.

Audio and Video are extremely good. Scrolling through the list of movies is quick and load time even on 4K movies is pretty quick.

nVidia Shield playing Plex

I have a Windows 10 workstation with tons of TV shows and my entire movie disc collection in mkv format available for streaming as well as my music in flac format. The workstation is connected to my nvidia Shield via gigabit ethernet which outputs HDMI to my Marantz which is connected to my Sony TV (old 4K model but still good). I control everything with a Harmony 950 (this includes using a flirc on the Shield).

I recently started testing plex connected on an old PC connected to my TV. I installed the Plex player app and controlled it using an Rii K25 remote. It worked but found out it isn’t actively supported and some features such as Dolby Atmos are not an option.

For my environment

I installed plex server on my Windows 10 PC. I added just my movies to see how it would do. It lets you see your folders but the icons are limited – you can’t use a picture or a movie poster.

Plex (using your choice of the Plex Movie or the Movie Database) auto sorted my movies by genre but I didn’t agree with most of the choices so I sorted them using the same folders they were in when I originally converted them to MKV. Of my 1700 movies I have 300 in action adventure folder; when I had it search my movies it decided I have 1100 action adventure movies – technically star wars, star trek and many other movies are action adventure but I don’t want them listed in that category.

I selected the first movie in the folder view of plex and the last movie (little yellow circle in top left of each movie poster) and went edit (top right) tags, collections and only selected the genre I want it to be listed in) after fixing all of the movie tags, I changed my plex view to collection view. Now I get a nice icon (not available for edit in folder view). You can change the icon but I left the ones it created.

Now I went to my genre collection view or folder view and saw how well it matched the movies I had with the metadata. About 80% were right – it doesn’t like when you rename a movie without the a, an, the in front so I clicked on them and selected match and found the right match. Not an issue if you don’t organize them the way I do – just my perspective. I like having my movies organized this way for Oppo play back order as well as just windows sorting as I don’t really think of The when browsing for The Accountant in a folder – I’d look in the A’s.

On the plus side, all this scrubbing of my data helped me find 5 movies I had filed in the wrong category.

After going this far I liked what I saw and decided I should buy a 2019 Shield Pro – I figured I could return it if it wasn’t up to the task. I got a shield this week and updated it, installed the latest plex versions. It needed a few tweaks like changing the HDMI for passthrough and no restriction on audio but nothing significant. When you install another plex device, it asks you to add a code to the activation website under your account and then it can see the movie list on your plex server.

When you customize the layout of your plex e.g. pinning sources on the left and going to the preferred view of them on the right, it will keep that layout until you decide to change it. It let’s you have a preferred view for each source.


The Shield showed promise but I still wasn’t completely sold as I can be a creature of habit and giving up a decade or so of streaming behavior isn’t an overnight process for some of us. I was really frustrated having to use two remotes for the first time in ages. I decided to get two items – an Rii K25 remote with a keyboard and usb receiver as well as a FLIRC. I put the usb for the Rii into my Shield and many of the buttons worked with no additional work but the power button did nothing.

I connected the flirc to my PC, downloaded the software for it and programmed it which was very easy to do – only thing to remember is select POWER TOGGLE when it asks you want option to use for the power button. I programmed my harmony to view plex – devices – sony, Marantz, nvidia (gaming device – shield TV) and put the flirc in my shield and suddenly I could use one remote again. I felt like Spock trying to build memory circuits using bearskins and stone knives up until that point up until that point. The flirc changed everything!

Playback audio and video quality seem excellent – compares well to the oppo although a little different. Scrolling through the list of movies is quick (slower than the oppo but the oppo doesn’t have any movie posters) and load time even on 4K movies is very quick.

I will miss the down button to skip to the next movie and having my player show on the little lcd screen how far into a movie I am but I’m finally at the tipping point thanks to the flirc.

My next step if fixing the forced subs on all my movies – it will take about 5 minutes per movie because of the way I converted them. Some people like to burn the subs into the movie. My Oppo never could so I never spent any time on it.

To make a forced sub playback automatically in plex.

Use MKVtoolnix

Go to header editor

Select the name of the file

Go to the correct forced sub track (in my case it was the second English one - the first one for me was all words not just when speaking in another language).

changing it to forced display - ON and track enabled ON

Then in the tab at the top for header editor - click save (it takes just a second - doesn't seem to impact the file size or anything).

Audio & subtitle settings

pref audio English

pref sub English

auto-select sub - show with foreign

Sub for deaf - prefer non-sdh

Forced sub - prefer forced.


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Very informative. Kudos and thanks!

So the filebot program, is it easy to use for a large number of movies that need renaming?

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It is great - just make sure it picks the right one - e.g. there might be 8 choices for the movie firefly - if you just pick the first one it may not be loading info you may want. You can also pick what details you want e..g length or rating - you can add or remove things. I like this Hunt for Red October, The - 1990 (2160p, TrueHD 5.1, PG, 135 minutes).mkv which is the expression {n.sortName('$2, $1')} - {y} ({vf}, {audio[0].with{ allOf{Format}{FormatProfile}.join('-').slash('.') }} {channels}, {certification}, {minutes} minutes)
Datasource moviedb, action rename

I have my TV shows both renamed and moved to my g: drive (folder TVCurrent), subfolder - tv show name.
Expression G:/TVCurrent/{n.replaceTrailingBrackets().sortName('$2, $1')} ({y}) /Season {s} ({episodelist.findAll{it.season == s}.airdate.year.min()})/{n} - {s00e00} - {t} {vf}
Datasource TVmaze

The naming scheme puts A, An and The at the end of the file name -e..g Hunt for Red October, The - 1990 (2160p, TrueHD 5.1, PG, 135 minutes).mkv I like it that way as when I browse in the computer folder, I'm looking when sorted alphabetically for THE, A or AN as the first of the title.

The guy who sells it will help with questions but he seems angry when you ask questions for some reason.

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Thank you very much for not only answering my question but also providing the naming code. I will give it a shot this weekend and see how well I fare.

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No problem. I'm not sure if I made it clear but Plex doesn't like extra details e.g. rating. It does a little better without it but you'll often have to correct the automatch no matter what naming scheme you go with.

I like the extra data for when I use the oppo.
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