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Hi all , thought I would share my experience with you all re my journey on finding first soundbar.

A bit of background to my set up..

Had open plan to dining room to side and open staircase in livingroom.

7m x 5m approx.

Due to the open plan on one side and the shape and staircase on other Combine that with a wife!! Running cables round the back is zero chance. My couch is going my plasma on wall with around 1mtr behind me.

Tv... Panasonic plasma about 6y old with audio in out, component, 2x Hdmi (no optical or ARC).

My tv sits above my fireplace (not a real fire) so i have ample room for a soundbar..

I spent a good 2 months researching virtually every soundbar that is available in UK as well as systems with wireless rear speakers.

I opted for the Phillips HTL9100 to begin with - i also got a nice 25% off it. It arrived and was very wide took up the mantle piece but i knew this before ordering. Set it all up and to begin with it wouldn't pass though my Ouya (xbmc), sky box and DVD player to compound issues when it did work when it suited the wireless rear speakers (great idea) simply blasted out sound too close to me from behind / i have most of room in front of me. If it had volume control on the wireless rear parts it would have been great sadly Phillips forgot this important part!!! I sent it back and got a refund.

I then opted for the Yamama 2200 unfortunately the time involved in setting this up manually and the open plan of living room i didnt even bother with this one.

I went to the local sound shop who set me up in a room with a few bars some very expensive - budget wasn't a problem all i wanted was a good sound system.

In the end I couldn't believe my ears with the LG 4530A bar, not only was it only 35mm high it had blue tooth, optical, hdmi in and out and a wireless sub. Combine with over 300w and 3D sound option for under £250 it was a no brainer.

Took it home , set up as follows

Ouya/xbmc - sky box - DVD player all into a very nice new HD splitter box and then out the other end into my Soundbar.

From there i then have hdmi out to my hdmi in on tv (non arc).

My soundbar sits nice under tv, my sub is actually behind my couch!! (Sounds awesome with that at back and bar at front when watching a movie WOW in 3d mode it honestly sounded like it was coming at all angles - obviously not as good as 5.1 but yeah it's well good!!!!

All i do is have TV set to hdmi 1 and use splitter remote to flick between the 3 devices.

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