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Hmmm Shame on Optoma. If any of you are planning to buy an Optoma in India at least think twice. Its a pathetic scene here as far as service goes.I recently had a small loose connecton problem in my HD70 that would go away on just slightly tapping the projector. To service my projector and get this problem corrected i had found a service guy who finally happens to be the official distributor and service guy for Optoma in my city. Optoma South India confirmed this and gave me his number.

When i spoke to him he said he can easily repair it. The when i was just about to take it to him he says hes "Scared" to open the projector. He says hes just been trained by optoma to open and just clean or do such simple jobs on the projectors and he certainly hasnt opened any HD projector in his 10 yrs of experience. What a company !!!

Then there were some long discussions over the last few days between the South Office and him to clarify among themselves, if he's really the authorised guy to do it. When i spoke again to him he said he is not the official service guy. The guy who endorsed him from the south india office would'nt answer my calls after that scenario and was deliberately avoiding me (probably because of his mistake that he made).

If your ever thinking about buying a projector of this brand in India, i suggest you dont. I dont know how their service backup is in other countires. But here its the worst. They tell you to pack it and send it to a far off place by courier to them for repair. My friend did just that recently and the PJ came back severely scratched on the body and they refused to accept responsibility for that. Bottom line, theres nil service here. You might as well eat the warranty card, as its not worth a dime. You'll anyway end up taking it to some PJ repair center that has nothing to do with Optoma as im finally going to do.

But the thing is that Optoma had some really nice PJs on their line. And they are good for the short duration that they work. I was even recently pondering getting a HD71 and they told me that model has been terminated. No more HD71. And that was the only bright HT PJ in the market.
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