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I just found this forum today, trying to find other people in the area with HDTV problems.

We use DishNetwork for regular TV and I have a Dish 921 HDTV "TIVO Like" receiver/recorder on order. I will then get about 8 channels in HDTV. I sell dishnetwork and have seen the HDTV output , all of the channels except ESPN are very good.

I bought a 57 widescreen rear projection Sony in July of this year. I hooked it up to my Winegard UHF/VHF antenna with rotor, using a Zenith 420 Hdtv receiver.

I got WSAZ-DT with a good signal in HDTV for a couple of months, but lately have had to aim the antenna nightly, and with mixed results. I usually have to go analog. I wonder if they have decreased their signal. I thought it would get better when we lost the leaves from the trees.

I also get WOWK-DT now with a fair signal, maybe one dropout every 3 minutes.

I can barely get WCHS-DT. This is strange because I am only 4 or 5 miles from their tower. I get the analog perfectly.

I get 3 different channels from WPBY in Huntington, they are digital only.

As far as I can tell WSAZ is the only station with HDTV

The locals are available from Dish, but they do not pass the digital signals.

Adelphia is the local cable provider here, but they have no plans for the immediate future.

It looks like the only thing we can do, other than complain is hurry up and wait.

Keep up the good work guys,

Bill #11 with HDTV
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