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Thought I would share my experience installing structure wiring....

Decided on Belden Home Automation Cable.... the green stuff,

and some blue dual cat5e. Wanted Red, White and Blue.... but

belden said no. :(

The house is about 4000sf (about 60' x 50'), 2 floors and a basement.

Everything is home run to the basement.

7876A - 2 RG6 / 2 Cat5e (bought 1000', only used 500' aprox $1000)

Used this for the main drops in all the bedrooms, great room,

master sitting room, master bath, kitchen. 9 drops in all.

They are placed where I think the tv, or desk will go for

each room.

7877A - 2 RG6/1 Cat5e (bought 500', used maybe 200' aprox $200)

Was going to use this for sat dishes and theater room, but just

ran it 2x to where the theater room is going in the basement.

Belden suggests 1694A BLACK for weather resistant applications.

1702A - 2 Cat5e (bought 1000' aprox $180)

This is for next to all beds... not sure what I'll use it for. I'll use one

of the cat5s for the telephone and the other I don't know yet.

1694A - 1 RG6 (500' aprox $250)

Sat dishes, runs to the attic for any antennas....etc.

Used carlon super blue gang boxes. Dual for the main drops,

and single for the dual cat5e. Looped all cables aprox 2' over

all the boxes. They drop in from the top. The boxes are 4" deep

and have plenty of room inside for all the connections. I'll just

pull what I need out, make the connections, and push the extra

back up.

Some suggestions for anyone who plans on doing this...

Buy your cable in reels....and buy a reel/cable caddy !!!

I can't imagine installing this without a caddy. I could

not find one in home depot or lowes, so I made one.

Even though this sounds trival, its not... trust me,

when your dealing with 75lbs reels, it really helps !

Buy enough cable just incase !!

You don't want to run out of cable. I would suggest buying

(number of drops) x (1.5x(length of house)). The length or

width... which ever is the longest.

Buy a good cordless drill and new/sharp bits !

I have a 12v DeWalt. I have 2" dia holes for main

runs in the basement, and 1" holes for floor to floor

and wall studs. When you get closer to where you home

run to, the holes need to be bigger !

Don't home run near the electrical panel. All the 110 lines

converge in that area.... and you want to cross all the

110 lines at 90 degrees when possible.

You might want to use some string and tacks to figure out

where to cut the holes and run the cable. Run the string

where you will run the cable... see if it works.


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You put down alot of great basics for home wiring! Here's what I would add. . .

If that phone line next to the bed is cat5e, add a data jack so you can

watch tv while working on the laptop from the comfort of your pillow.

Along the same lines, plan on a two plates per room with rg-6 and cat5e

on opposite sides in each room.

For those of us in two story houses, PULL TUBES!!! From the attic to the

basement, as large a diameter as possible. More than one! (I added two,

2" PVC conduit tubes. One in the front and one in the back of the house.)
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