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My First Attempt

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I converted my home-office into the theater. Room was a little small (12'x15.5') but it turned out OK, at least so far.


Projector: Sanyo PLV-Z3

Receiver: Pioneer VSX-1015TX-K

DVD: Samsung HD850

Speakers are a mix-match right now.

Fronts: SDATs

Center: BIC

Sub: BIC

Surrounds (4) KLH Cubes (first thing I'm going to replace.. these are terrible, cheap and not worth it).

Screen is home built, 103" diag and hung like a picture. Wall is not painted black, but has black linen hung from the top and tacked just above the base boards. (One of my main objectives was to be able to convert the room back to an office).

Pictures are in the gallery...

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Originally Posted by DMFdavid
Pictures are in the gallery...


Some of us are to lazy to go look :D
For best sound quality I would move the LCR speakers up to the edge of the stage so that you don't get reflections. Whenever you have a speaker adjacent to another object you want the speaker baffle to be at least in-line with the adjacent object if not a little bit further out.

See attached image for visual depiction.

Thanks for the comment. I agree on the speaker placement.

For those not wanting to look for the pics, here they are. Ignore the poor color of the camera (the curtains are burgandy, really). Also note that one requirement my wife put in was to not destroy, mame or otherwise harm the baseboards, walls, cabinets, doors or carpet (pretty restrictive, but I managed).

And a few detail shots. Here is the speaker placement Jeremy mentioned. Easy fix compared to some of the others (I blew it and ran HDMI and RBGY cables, but forgot to run a simple VGA for a quick-attach to my laptop... doh!)

Did you actually move the speakers? It looks like the center speaker is still positioned at the back of the stage instead of aligned with the front.
I've moved the speakers, but I have not taken new photos showing such.

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