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Thought I should share with the community my screen. After reading through numerous articles ranging from pj's to htpc to speakers I finally got it all together.

Overview of the design:

I found from one of the threads here a link to a site that sells aluminum tubing which sparked the idea of a lightweight frame. I wrapped around the frame some BOC I got online. Then I sewed the edges over so I can put in 1/4" steel bars, from homedepot, to have something to pull on. I used tie downs from homedepot as well. Using some door hardware I had to cut one edge short then bolted it to the studs in the wall. Attached some handles to the frame so they will slide over the wall mounts. Used 10' hemlock boards for the frame and black felt from the local fabric store.

the screen can be completely lifted off the hooks and taken apart or moved (one of the nice things about using the tubing and tie downs)

I'm sure the pictures can do a better job in showing what was done (though I'm not the best photographer either)

once again I'd like to thank every one on the forums for all the info they have provided over the years. What I have gathered from here has helped me create a wonderful viewing experience for me and my family.

frame parts list:

parts from Bosch Rexroth:

2 - 1x1 IN -/- Len: 3175mm (125)

6 - 1x1 IN -/- Len: 1752.6mm (69)

4 - 1x1 IN -/- Len: 762mm (30)

1 - 1x1 IN -/- Len: 736.6mm (29)

2 - 1x1 IN -/- Len: 381mm (15)


8 - T-BOLT FAST KIT 1/4 -20 X 3/4

pic of alum tubing from

wall hooks and frame handles

frame laying on BOC

frame with new BOC laying on top old BOC (using gussets just didnt work) with tie downs

how I used the tie down to get the tension on the screen

finished screen

I missing pics for creating the black frame :-(

one quick pic of Cars

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Originally Posted by fourtytwoinch /forum/post/18171472

How did you create the frame and what projector do you have?

very impressive job


I have the epson 6500UB ceiling mounted with a throw of about 16'

What do you mean by create?

I designed it myself.

Each tube has a channel on each side where you can slide the head of a bolt in. Using that channel you can slide some bolts in the connect two tube together using the gussets I got from the same place. Thus making a perfectly square frame. Once the outer part of the frame was connected, I proceeded to attach the inner vertical and horizontal bars to help it from flexing under torque.

Does that help answer your question?

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Originally Posted by fourtytwoinch /forum/post/18174159

I was talking about the outer velvet frame. It seems like the cloth is wrapped around the outside of the frame and i don't understand how the velvet outer frame is attached.

Ok now I understand what you were asking about.

so here are the parts I used for the outer frame:

2 - 12' 1x4 - try to find the straightest ones

2 - 8' 1x4

6 - 5' 1x2

6 - 5' 1x1

4 metal right angle brackets

lots of black velvet

basically measured the length of the screen and guestimated how long the 12' boards needed to be after cutting 45 degree angles on the ends

did the same thing with the 8' boards for the sides. Next nail the 1x1 to the outer back edge of the 1x4 (the side that is facing the wall or away from you when looking at the screen). What you should have is velvet covered 'L' shape. Then I used a staple gun to attach the velvet around the individual pieces. Once I had all four side done I laid them face down on the floor then placed the screen over them. I then use the right angle brackets and connected the four velvet pieces together. Note this step could be done with out the screen laying over it but it helped me in making sure I had the black frame square and of proper length. Once the black frame was connected together, actually being a frame at this point, I then nailed the 1x2 to the black frame thus turning the 'L' into a 'U' shape. What this does is creates pressure to hold the black frame in place while having it not actually connected to the screen. I can then loosen or tighten the screen/BOC if needed or even completely disassemble the screen by removing the metal right angle brackets.

Sorry I dont have any pics of the velvet frame assembly.
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