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My first HT experience. LT 150

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First, let me start off by saying, this is my first HT experience in my own home. A very wonderful experience. Nirvana. (My wife thinks I'm crazy). My LT 150 arrived today. I went to Best Buy and picked up a 6' s-video cable. Headed to home depot and bought a lrg off white canvas paint drop cloth. Went home, draped the drop cloth over the stereo console, plugged the LT 150 into my cheap phillips 5 disc dvd via s-video cable, and started up the show. To my utter dismay, my wifes "pride and predjudice" dvd came on. (Why is that even on dvd). But I was so impressed w/ the picture that I watched the first 20 min of the movie.(please do not tell anyone). Was it perfect? NO. But it was good! Nice colors! No screen door. I had ambient light and it didn't matter. I then projected onto my pale yellow wall and had a image size of 81" x 50" and sat and watched a real movie, Galaxy Quest. (Okay, I think it is a real good movie, but again, I'm crazy) It was wonderful. Huge picture! Great color! Nice contrast and good blks.(Please keep in mind that I am making all these opinions w/ the cost of the unit in mind). So, I basically set up the worst possible hook up for an initial test and am extremely happy. My wife has even agreed to let me set up my system to project onto one of the lrgr walls which will require adding speakers for proper sound system, moving the couch, etc(you married individuals will realize the monumental meaning of this. Those of you who are single, well, just except that this is a big thing)

Now, was the system perfect? NO. Here are my concerns.

1) The background was out of focus. For example the face of anyone behind the central charactor was blurry. Is this due to my poor set up. Would a progr. dvd player help? Component connection?

2) If an object was moving quickly, the image was again blurry. Would same corrections above help.

3) This thing runs hot!!!! You could cook an egg on it. And I'm not kidding! Should I be worried. Should I point a portable fan at it?

4) During the credits you could see the jagged lines of the letters as it traversed up the screen. would above improvements correct this?

The good.

1) I loved the colors and this was on a pale yellow wall!

2) Large images were still very clear.

3) Fan noise was present, but once I got involved in the movie it was non-existant.

4)I saw NO rainbows. But I am a novice.

4)Blacks were great for my barbarian tastes.

5) I can do so much w/ this projector because of its small size. It came in a carrying case and I thought "wow this is small" then when I opened up the case, the projector only took up 2/3 of the case!


1) If I hook up all my video sources thru my Yamaha RX-V800 rcvr, and then run a line to the projector, will this degrade the quality of my picture. My rcvr has component in and outputs.

2) How much does a 30' "component to 15 pin" connector cost?

3) Will my wife really let me buy $1,000 more in speakers, etc just to keep her living room from looking like a guys rec room?

Overall, I am in heaven. I have dreamed of a home theatre of my own ever since first seeing Star Wars in 7th grade. I now have one I can be proud of. Thanks to all who helped guide me toward this projector.



p.s. I have seen the yamaha dpx-1 and a very expensive CRT, and for my limited money, I would take the LT 150.
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Haha, I know the feeling. I borrowed a crappy 3M-projector from work and watched Matrix with my friends on a (small) 150cm screen and instantly became sold. I'm now looking for the right pj. This pj had lousy blacks and the image was very green on all the movies I tried and I still loved it.

BTW, I think Galaxy Quest is a fun movie too. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif



Most of the answers to your questions are found on a thread entitled "LT150 Index" - do a seach under LT150 and you will find it.

Don't look for "rainbows" - If you're going to see them let them find you.


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As far as your first two questions concerning blurry images, I am tempted to beleive that this is normal and you just never noticed it before on a small screen. It is common in movie scenes to have the foreground information in focus and the background out of focus. That is the way the camera operator filmed it. As for the motion blur, again, pause the image during one of these scenes and you will see it is still blurry, it is on film like that because of the slow rate 24fps that movies are shot in. What happens if you take a picture of someone who is moving their arm? their arm is blurry, right? So I think you are seeing things that have always been there but bever noticed before. Yes, a progressive player will help the overall image greatly, but do nothing for focus of the original film. A cheap one that does correct 3:2 pulldown is the APEX- AD-800. (Wal-mart.com)I own this one and have tried it with an LT150 and it worked great (with correctly flagged discs). I would suggest a better player but this one is under $200 if you're tight from the LT150 purchase. Hope this helps!
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