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Alright, first up, don't LAUGH - it WAS a Cinego. But at least it's DLP.

The environment: My neigbor's offwhite apartment livingroom wall.

Final image size after positionng and keystoning: 50" diagonal(about half the projector's claimed maximum size image). 20min warmup period, though bulb was halfway through it's 2000 hour life since this was a floor model.

Gamma setting: Film.

Adjustment scale: 0-100.

Post DVE settings:

Contrast - 49

Brightness - 47

Color - 46

Tint - 53(green)

Sharpness - 11


Picture was actually a little "warm" as I said the paint job is flat offwhite paint, contrary to some reviews that the Cinego's color temperature was so high as to be unmeasurable.

Standard 480i NTSC through this thing - good enough color rendering but with a 50" image it was as blurry as drunk.

Built-in DVD: razor crisp image.

Overall light output - good for both NTSC input and DVD - I was going for the local cinema, not the noon sun with this thing. And the room did not need to be pitch black to render a decent image. So I did not do what is usually recommended for DLP projectors and for LCD/plasma flat panels - that is, run up white level to the threshold of crushing.

I felt I could relax watching a film on the Cinego and experienced no eye strain from over-brightness or trying to discern details.

Two pet-peeves though: First. The menu "window" stays up when adjusting picture controls - making it tough to align saturation & hue, but since it was dark enough in the apartment, I was able to get it evenly blue once the menu was gone.

Finally: Switching sources. This thing takes forever to switch sources! At one point it froze, displaying the CineGo splash with the word "searching.." underneath. I called the Shack, and they instructed me to power it down, unplug it for 5 minutes, then plug it in and power it up and see what happens. Problem solved. Hit "factory settings" then proceeded with above calibrations.

Oh well, my first projector - hope my next one is at least a recognized BRAND!!

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One big suggestion. Move the PJ so that you can set the Keystoning to zero. That PJ is resolution challenged enough that you don't want to lose any more with keystoning (keystone adjustments work by reducing the resolution to get the picture "square"). Your picture quality will improve.
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