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Hey all,

I've been a staunch 2 channel guy for audio for quite some time. This has changed In the last year as I got a DVD-A player and SACD player and have to say I've been very impressed with both. The big drawback, of course, has been the lack of software that I enjoy. So, the journey to get something working to breathe mutlichannel life into my existing CD collection began.

So, I finally got MediaJukebox JRSS 5.1 working as well as WinDVD Platnum with Dolby PLII. I'm very impressed with both of these, although I'll have to give the nod to PLII right now. I think this benifits from the fact that its been around alot longer that JRSS, which is still beta I believe. Also, it seems that you can use SRS dialog clarity and true bass in conjunction with PLII (in WinDVD Plat).

PLII Seems to do a better job of steering the voices to the proper spots, whereas JRSS tends to add alot of main vocals to the surrounds (relatively speaking).

I havent listened to a lot of material yet but I'm very impressed with both so far and look forward to doing some intense comparisons with a few albums that I have in PCM and one form or another of multichannel DTS-CD/SACD/DVD-A. I'll post my future impressions as they come to be.

My Setup is rather mid-fi but quite revealing:

WinXP/P4-1.6/M-Audio 410

Pioneer VSX-709 Reviever (Used as a pre only right now)

Hafler DH-200 amps

Mirage OM-9 Mains

Mirage OM-C2 Center

Mirage OM-R2 Surrounds (only 2 but 3rd on the way)

Mirage BPS-400 Sub

Behringer 8024 EQ (for sub) 15-80 Hz +/- 2db ;-)

All in my rather dead 12x20 dedicated HT.

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