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Well I love this thing, I think its great even for blue rays kept on really low settings to remove some grain/noise that helps clear up the picture with no detail loss. Its a subtle but noticeable improvement in clearness, and artifact removal.

However all of a sudden last night, this thing keeps defaulting to map detection on!

If you dont know what map does, it outlines regions of noise in black and white, basically it looks terrible, and i spent alot of money on theater and equipment, and this thing decides to malfunction. Guests ask me whats wrong with my picture.

Im loosing my mind, because out of nowhere this happens, after a ton of work, and money put into your theater.

This may sound extreme, but I have been spending alot of time doing home automation, making sure everything works with a click of a button for my family, i finish it last week, and now they are calling me telling me the projector looks broke.

Does anyone know why the hell its doing this. I contacted algolith, they had pretty good support, but are taking there time lately to reply.

I also tried to save settings, with it off, no matter what when you turn it off, and back on, it always defaults to map on.

Also sometimes when i switch inputs it does it also.
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