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Finally got a chance to post my system set-up amongst all the great folks here on AVS.

I live in a smallish (600 sq ft) apartment, actually a classic San Gabriel Valley craftsman house converted to apartments. My living room is approx 17 X 19. It has the original wood floors, I use no rugs at all, so the room is "loud" (reflective) but kind of nice I think.

My system is sort of squished into one area along one wall next to (non-active) heater vents on one side and a doorway on the other. The opposite wall has two good size windows covered by reflective aluminum mini-blinds. I use a leather couch against this wall for listening/viewing.

I have two rear (di-pole style) surround speakers mounted on this opposite wall as well, approx. 1-2 ft above ear-level, facing forward. Do to my weird side wall configuration, an odd off-set window, I could'nt mount the surrounds to either side wall, facing inward (towards my ears), instead they are facing forward barely 6 inches behind me, maybe 7 feet and 5 feet apart from center respectively. My set-up is obviously not nice and symmetrical.

I'm basically very happy with my system, it has been mostly reliable. I feel blessed and fortunate to have such a system in my own home (even though it's not the most elaborate, but elaborate enough). I've watched several movies (BD & SD-DVD). But I listen to music mostly- CD, SACD, DVD-A, so I have a pretty good array of players.

Hoping to move into a better home situation one day soon (loft, condo, etc.,...), I'm dying to set-up a nicer system employing a projector, but using essentially same audio gear. Also hope to set-up a second 2-channel systen in a second room.

My current configuration:

1. NAD, T175 surround processor

2. Parasound, Halo A51 amp (250W X 5)

3. Monitor Audio, GS-Series speakers (front surround)

GS-60 fronts

GS-LCR center

4. Energy, RC-R

5. Pioneer, PDP-4280HD Kuro display

6. JL Audio, F110 subwoofer

7. Denon, DVD-3930CI DVD/Universal player

8. Denon, DVD-3800BDCI BluRay player

9. Pioneer, BDP-05FD BluRay player

10. Sony, RDR-HX-715 DVR/Hard Drive/Recorder

11. Furman, Elite-15 PFi Power Conditioner

12. Scientific Atlanta, Explorer SA-8300 Digital Reciever (over-priced Time Warner)

13. TaraLabs, SA-OF8N Prism, 4-conductor, bi-wire speaker cable (custom built)

14. Monster Cable, M-Series audio interconnects, HDMI video cables

15. AudioQuest, DiamondBack interconnects

16. BDI, Axis audio furniture


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Nice equipment, hope you make friends with the neighbors.

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Originally Posted by WestCoastD
I'm basically very happy with my system
Welcome to our WYSC club. I am also "very happy" with your system. You have some very nice high end equipment. I bet once you move into a home you will then be able to fully enjoy it. Thanks for sharing and if you feel the need to upgrade maybe you can donate your cast offs to your fellow WYSC club members.

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Very nice looking and quality gear....I like the audio rack...and the cable mgmt...outstanding....congrats
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