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Well, someday, when I get a house, I will want to step up my home theater game. I have some ideas.

I'm hoping to have a room roughly 2600 cuft to work with.

I want to apply acoustic treatments to the walls that are artistic and look like real art on the wall instead of horrid gray foam, etc.

I will probably keep my current speakers and augment them:

3 BIC DV62CLR (Up front in a vertical MTM style position, like I have now.)

2 Optimus LX-5 II's (Side surround, with Di-pole tweeter.)

**Possibly 2 BIC TPR-200 "Soundspan" (For the rear channels, they are omni-directional, 35-inches tall, but I would put them on a stand lifting them up at least 5 to 6 more inches off the ground.

A set of "to be determined" Tactile Transducers to put in the main couch set.

Five Cambridge Soundworks Powered Subwoofer 1's =

Sub 1 = Center Channel (Will be positioned just to the right of the center channel under the wall-mounted TV)

Sub 2 = L+R channels (Will be positioned to the right of the right channel.)

Sub 3 = Left Side Surround

Sub 4 = Right Side Surround

Sub 5 = L+R Rear Surround (dead center between them)

A "to be determined" "Super Sub" connected to the .1 channel and put in the right corner of the room.

Pre-amp/Processor & Amplifiers:

A Pioneer Elite model receiver with Pre-outs (I prefer their MCACC room calibration over all others I've heard and due to it's manual adjustability, it's the ONLY choice I'd be comfortable with.)

Emotiva multi-channel amp (5 or 7 channels)

A "to be determined" multi-channel amplifier to power the Tactile Transducers.

Five (or Seven) Apex 204 (Aural Exciter, Optical Big Bottom) sound processors for all satellite speakers and utilizing the subwoofer output for each accompanying Cambridge PSW1 subwoofer.

Two (either Behringer ex1200 or dbx 120A) sound processors. One for the .1 channel "Super Sub" and the other for the tactile transducers.

I'm hoping by the time I put this together a big 80-inch OLED is availble at a semi-reasonable price in the future.

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Has anyone used the Apex 204 and Behringer ex1200 or dbx 120A??

My idea is to go multi-channel subwoofers mostly for "tactile" directional sensations as well as to add smoothness and isolation to the multi-channel sounds. I will probably also buy a pair of speakers strictly for 2-channel music playback and put them on the outside-toed-in up front.

The main reason for the Apex 204 is not just for bass enhancement in the satellite surround channels but also to spice up really old movie soundtracks from the 70's and 80's (except the excellent ones like Empire Strikes Back, etc). There are so many old movies that can benefit from getting "spiced up". I used to re-eq and run a dynamic range expander back in the 1990's when I owned a home theater and the results would drop your jaw if you compared my post-eq/dbx expander thru the tape-monitor loop. Like Ferris Bueller's day off during the music montage sequences, it just kicks and is 'alive' while the original soundtrack is muted and stale.

Modern sountracks are already very punchy and dynamic with great quality but if you are going to watch old movies, you really, really WANT this kind of gear. I haven't used the APEX 204, Behringer ex1200 or dbx 120A but have a good idea of what they will do for me. Does anyone on this site have a setup like the one I'm thinking of building?
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