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I slowly built my own home theater over the last years.
I started with a low budget projector ( Viewsonic 480p 380C$) then I bought an Epson 2030 (great projector 700C$) with low-end home theater audio (300$ 5.1 system) and finally last winter I got the amazing JVC 4K HDR X550R (for only 4000C$) so I decided to blackout the room and buy good speakers with an atmos AVR.

Speakers: KLIPSCH Reference Series R-26F, R-450C, R-10S, Onkyo 2 Height and 2 back speakers ( will eventually get 4x RP-250S)
UHD player: SAMSUNG K8500. uhd-bd, netflix hdr, amazon hdr
HTPC: i7 7700K + GTX1070 + SSD(win10) + 8TB HDD (DATA) + BD Burner/player: netflix 4k, youtube hdr, 1080p BD (madvr)
Screen: Gain 1.0 140'' ( still need to fix my screen, there are waves in it.)
room: Acoustic membrane (1000C$ for the whole room(~30'x20') but it made a HUGE difference in video contrast and sound quality)
Humdity and temperature are controlled.It's not the most elegant home theater but picture and sound quality is insanely good. You really feel like you're in the movie.

and my 2nd system:

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