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I have two Home Theater Setups - one in my dedicated theater and one in the Family Room. All components are in a coat closet and I have an IR Repeater system running to each room.

Would love to hear some comments on equipment choices etc.

Family Room

Pioneer PDP5040-HD 50" Plasma

Comcast HD-DVR

Pioneer Elite DVR-57H Tivo/DVD Recorder

Denon AVR-4802R A/V Receiver

JVC XV-FA900BK 7 Disc Multi-Region DVD Player

Boston Acoustics VRi-585 In Ceiling Front Left, Center and Right

Boston Acoustics VRi-565 In Ceiling Surrounds

Boston Acoustics PV-700 Subwoofer

Hot Link Pro IR Repeater System

Harmony 688 Remote

Home Theater

Mitsubishi WS-65819 65" RPTV

Comcast HD-DVR

Tivo Series 2 (modified to 175 hours)

Pioneer Elite VSX-56TXi A/V Receiver w/iLink

Pioneer Elite DV-47Ai DVD Player

Kenwood DV-5700 5 Disc DVD Player with Faroudja DCDi

JVC HM-DH4000U D-VHS Recorder

Zektor HDS 4.2 Component Switcher

Boston Acoustics VR2 Floorstanding Speakers

Boston Acoustics VRC Center Channel Speaker

Boston Acoustics CR65 Surround Speakers

HSU Subs VTF3 MKII Subwoofer

Monster HTS-5100 Power Conditioner

3 Berkline 090 Home Theater Loungers (Red Leather, Motorized)

Harmony 688 Remote

HotLink Pro IR Repeater System


Playstation 2

Please let me know what you think.
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