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Before I made the homepage I had to choose a name for it, I ended up with "The Mainframe", yes I love The Matrix :D .

The equipment:

pre/pro - Rotel RSP 1066

amp - Parasound Halo A21

source - Denon 2900

speakers - Visaton Vox 251

projector - Sanyo PLV-Z1

screen - WS Spalluto E-Press Frame

cables - Kimber Hero, Kimber 8TC

The measurements of the room are 4m x 4m x 2.25m, not very big but enough for the moment ;) .

For more information about the equipment check out my homepage "signature".

* I will change some things on the layout, the scrolling gets irritating and I will also add some photo's as soon as possible :) .

Kind Regards,

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